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Prosecutor Joe Deters and Judge tracie HunterJust when you thought the onslaught to humiliate and terminate the career of the first African American female to be elected Juvenile Court Judge was over, here comes Prosecutor Joe Deters with his ridiculous two cents.


In a Press release made Thursday, September 4th, 2014, Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters, said Tywaun Thomas, 18 years old, who was accused of shooting and killing Antwon Ward before being shot himself may still be alive today, along with Mr. Ward, who he allegedly killed, had Juvenile Court Judge Tracie Hunter made a different decision when the suspect was a juvenile offender.


In October of last year, Tywaun Thomas went before Judge Hunter with charges of aggravated trafficking of drugs.  Thomas had 36 prior convictions, presumably by juvenile court judges that had no similar cultural background.  Prosecutor Joe Deters, scolded Judge Hunter for not continuing the systematic practices of locking black youth up and throwing away the key, which would have been sentencing Thomas to the Department of Youth Services (DYS) until he was 21.  Instead the honorable Judge Hunter ordered for Thomas to be placed on an Electronic Monitoring Unit (EMU), attend out-patient treatment, along with going to school and work. What was she thinking? To give a young black man an opportunity at redemption to hopefully turn his life around.


Those supporting Joe Deters’ logic actually believe Tywaun would have been safer in an institution with murders, rapists, and extortionists for an extensive amount of time on tax payer’s dollars.  Deters’ insinuation that if Tywaun had been locked up he would have been safe from his own devises, is a huge assumption.  Anything could have happened while he was locked up, just as anything could have happened while he was under rehabilitation.  If the young man was hit and killed in a car accident, would Deter’ still say, had he went to jail he would be alive?  If he died while incarcerated, would Joe Deters have said if the Judge only referred him to a diversion program he would be alive today?  I don’t think so!  It’s asinine to believe any judge or any person can predict the fate of anyone.  To blame Judge Hunter for their deaths is simply irresponsible.


Joe Deters should not be so quick to condemn others’ for their tough decisions.  He has made plenty of decisions that are way more questionable then choosing to rehabilitate a juvenile.  Try granting immunity to someone who helped dispose the body of a helpless special needs boy, Marcus Fiesel.


Ultimately justice prevailed despite Joe Deters’ get out a jail pass to an accomplice of murder.  Years later, Amy Baker pleaded guilty to Maysville charge of tampering with evidence in the death of Marcus Fiesel.


Deters’ attempt to criticize Judge Hunter’s decision to be lenient is greatly hypocritical in respect of the characters he has granted mercy to in the past.  His comments were not well thought out or professional for someone in his position, and he should know better.


The honorable Judge Tracie Hunter, Hamilton County’s first African American female Judge in Juvenile Court has had it rough ever since she threw her name in the hat to run for the Juvenile Judgeship seat.  Her goal was simple, to reform a broken judicial system that focused more on bounding children over into adult prison than to rehabilitate and guide the troubled youth toward the right direction.


Tracie Hunter contested a very close race that had her opponent, Republican, John Williams, up by 23 judge huntervotes.  Through her efforts, she exposed the unfair practice of hundreds of provisional ballots being thrown out in Hamilton County.  Joe Deters ,who was the legal representative for the Hamilton County Board of Election, appealed at every level of the court; essentially costing tax payers over a million dollars.  Ultimately, she won her race but her victory only grew more bitterness and resentment by major supporters of Williams, including Hamilton County Prosecutor, Joe Deters.


After two years of fighting for her rightful place as Judge, she was seated but it wasn’t long before the harassment and strategic ploys began. One of the strategic ploys was when her opponent was appointed senior Judge and the rules were conveniently changed to give Judge John Williams more authority than her.  Second were the constant smear campaigns in the media to make the first African American female Juvenile Court Judge appear incompetent.


Tirelessly, Judge Hunter kept pushing forward despite the continuous harassment.  She began to expose the unethical practices within the Hamilton County Juvenile Court that were violations of the youth civil, constitutional, and human rights.


Judge Hunter ended the shackling of youth who entered her court room.  The shackling images of majority black youth paralleled slaves entering a slave ship; and despite her modern perspective, Judge Hunter’s opponent Judge John Williams continued the practice.

Honorable Judge Hunter also used her authority to protect the identity of youth who too often the media selectively choose to exploit, especially if it is a child of color.  After only 18 months on the bench, Judge Hunter has been served with 30 frivolous lawsuits and charged with 8 trumped up felonies.  The ultimate goal is to remove Judge Hunter from her seat so the lucrative pipeline to prison can continue without interruption.


If you don’t want the opposition to defeat Judge Hunter, please attend the Town Hall meeting at 2815 Robert Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45211 on Sunday, September 7th at 3:00pm.  You will receive valuable information on what is going on in the Hamilton County Juvenile Courts, and learn how you can help honorable Judge Tracie Hunter.


You can also show support by attending the upcoming court trial on September 8th from 10:00am-4:00pm in the Hamilton County Court House, 1000 Main Street, Cincinnati, OH  45202, Rm. 560.  Take an hour off for lunch to show solidarity.  We voted for Tracie Hunter and we still support her.


Supporting Judge Hunter is supporting the equal distribution of justice in the Hamilton County Juvenile Court.  It’s not just what our youth need, but as American citizens, it is what they deserve!


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T. Nicole Taylor
T. Nicole Taylor is an author, blogger, community activist, 9 to 5 worker and full-time mom who want to help other single mothers heal and protect their kids from the effects of abandonment from their father. She also wants to help more men who are dads to realize the importance of their roles. With a strong urge to not fear their own inadequacies, because there is long lasting value in their time and care. As a testament of her own battles of being abandoned by an absent father, T. Nicole discovers ways in which she believes can help reduce the effects of abandonment and also increase the need for accountability. T. Nicole’s writing is provocative, thought provoking, and sometimes controversial. She is a writer who is not afraid to touch on the tough topics. I Want My Daddy…The Psychology of Abandonment is her first solo eBook. She has also co-authored a seductive and funny eBook, Soulful Vagina, with an incredible writing genius FBK aka Franki Johnnie whose done an interview on the Tom Joyner Morning Show. The duo was also on the Lincoln Ware Show on 1230 WDBZ the Buzz. T. Nicole Taylor is a native of Cincinnati, Oh. She has three beautiful kids and a dog. She has studied at the University of Cincinnati College of Arts and Science and graduated with honors with both an Associates in Paralegal Studies and a Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies at Kaplan University.


  1. I didn’t vote for her, as I was living in Brooklyn but, as a proud Cincinnatian, I have followed this case with great interest and sympathy for Judge Hunter. Who knows if I would have agreed with all of her decisions – but that would be the case whoever was judge. It has always smelled like unsportsmanlike politics regarding her career as a candidate and lawfully elected Judge. My old friends who have grown up to be lawyers in this town make her out to be crazy, but as I am only a loosely affiliated ‘Old Boy’, I just don’t see it that way. Beyond the personal injustice towards Judge Hunter, the bigger tragedy is that the time and practice that she might have been applying to the way things are done in Hamilton County’s Juvenile Justice system might have generally improved the product. Thank you for for your constructive partisanship.

    1. Thanks Mike for your perspective. The media has done a real job in exploiting her character and image in a negative light. It is refreshing to know that you and hopefully many others can see through this big political hoax. I did vote for Judge Hunter. I was disturbed that my vote was nullified for two years. I’ve met Judge Hunter and she is a woman of faith with the upmost integrity.

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