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How To Get Away With Murder-Ray Tensing

On July 18th, 2017, One day before the two year anniversary of Tensing’s deadly encounter with Sam Dubose, Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters conceded that he could not get a conviction against Ray Tensing and made the sole decision to not retry the case for a third time.

So how did the confederate flag wearing, lead in racial profiling, and abandoner of police training, get away with murder?

1.) A bias Judge (Leslie Ghiz) that denied evidence of prejudice

2.) The poor selection of jurors where at least 2 admitted they would NEVER convict a cop

3.) A lackluster performance by the prosecution (the prosecution’s own witness, officer Shannon Heine, testified in favor of the defense)

4.) A complacent community-(business as usual)

A hung jury is not a conviction nor a clearance of vindication for Ray Tensing. This continued miscarriage of justice is proof of some individual’s lack of humanity. Sam Dubose was a black man killed unjustifiably by a white cop but beyond choosing sides based on race, the real call was always for good people to deliver justice based on what we know is right and wrong. There should never be an expectation of death during a routine traffic stop, at the very least, Sam Dubose deserved his day in court, not six feet under in a grave.
Some may callously see this denied retrial as a victory but the truth of the matter is Sam Dubose could be YOU. Another non-conviction in this country sets a standard that there is NO Accountability for cops who questionably use deadly force. And that should be unsettling for every citizen in this country that the law allows agents paid by your tax dollars the authority to KILL YOU with IMPUNITY.

On July 24th, 2017 there will be a rally at 6:00pm in support of Ray Tensing at Sawyer Point. The hashtag #TensingProud and #BACKTHEBLUE was started by Lacy Robinson a young white woman who felt there was no public support for Tensing throughout the trial.  People like Lacy is part of the problem that hinders resolve.
This inability to set apart the good cops from the bad ones with a blind bias and protecting them all under the same regard is dismantling the trust and relations between police and community with every case.  Ray Tensing is not cut from the same cloth of the real brave men and women of the badge that utilize their training, treat all citizens with dignity, and honor the oath to protect and serve, and PRESERVE LIFE even at the risk of their own. Those are the real officers. Those are the true heroes.
Ray Tensing is a coward. Ray Tensing is a Murderer.
And what we all witnessed last Tuesday, was the county prosecutor allowing Ray Tensing to get away with Murder.  And today, July 24th, 2017, Judge Leslie Ghiz sealed the deal and happily told a murderer, “You’re free to go.”  Anyone with the audacity to uphold Ray Tensing’s actions as brave and necessary, have real character flaws.  Ray Tensing who has yet to apologize for killing Sam Dubose, is a hateful soul that I hope lives the rest of his days in misery.  An apology is not an admission of guilt, but an admission to the pain his action caused. But with Killer Cop advocates like Lacy Robinson, and FOP president Dan Hils why apologize when there is nothing a cop can do that they are willing to hold them accountable for. Thanks for making us ALL less safe.

This battle for justice in Hamilton County may be lost with today’s dismissal but the war to preserve black lives and hold law enforcement accountable is far from over.

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T. Nicole Taylor
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