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Can the Democratic Party use its own version of Donald Trump?

The GOP presidential primary debate is August 6, 2015 at Cleveland, Ohio’s imageQuicken Loans Arena.  Only the top ten candidate out of the, so far, 17 candidates, will be able to participate in the debate.  The top 10 are: Real Estate Mogul, Donald Trump; FL Gov., Jeb Bush; WI Gov., Scott Walker; Former AK Gov., Mike Huckabee; Ret. Neurosurgeon, Ben Carson; TX Sen., Ted Cruz; FL Sen., Marco Rubio; KY Sen., Rand Paul; NJ Gov., Chris Christie; OH Gov., John Kasich


The snooze-fest debate that would normally be filled with well-rehearsed talking points and random obnoxious low-blows at the current seated President, maybe slightly foiled by just one potential candidate; the Grand Ole Party’s very own Donald Trump.  He has surprisingly risen in polls way ahead of his competitors.  According to CBS News Poll, Trump is double digits ahead of most of his competition, leading with 24% compared to the runner up Jeb Bush at only 13% favored.   Although, many believe the polls are premature and not a real reflection of the nation’s expectation of a leader, but within his party, Donald Trump is the shining star.  Why is that?


Donald Trumps is the epitome of what the GOP advocates for because corporations is who they really take their marching orders from. So what happens when big money has no confidence in the same tired recycled candidates within their own party?  Well as Mitt Romney said, “Corporations are people…”  So Trump ran for office himself.  Since he has a fortune, he doesn’t have to pander to lobbyist and other corporations or even to a base of people.  He can and has given his views on many different issues unfiltered.  He has ruffled many feathers on the left, the middle, and the right.  Leaving many to wonder what is his actual motives?


The fact of the matter is, Donald Trump is also an entertainer, among many other titles, he knows what it takes to get ratings/attention. It’s the same reason why on his show “The Apprentice,” he keeps some of the more controversial characters on longer but in the very end they don’t make the final cut. I imagine he forsees the same fate for himself looming in the near future.  I believe his objective is to encourage more boldness from his party, to not be afraid of their convictions, no matter how extreme they maybe.  Although I do not agree with many of Trump’s positions, there is something to be said about anyone with courage to stand on their convictions even if it is not popular.


The problem I see with the Democratic Party is that they are weak on conviction when they need to be strong. Democrats are all inclusive but they don’t fight equally for the causes that affect different demographics in their base.   If it’s a challenge that is controversial, for example, police brutality, unlawful use of deadly force, or a corrupt justice system and not fluffy and easy matters like supporting gay marriage, equal work for equal pay, or childhood obesity, you will see far few advocates within the party with the courage to speak and act on change.  The abuse of authority by some in law enforcement is reprehensible, and for any lawmaking leader who doesn’t believe the violation of citizen’s rights is an absolute priority, is a failure to us all.  They are no worse than the perpetrator.



Too many care more about maintaining their seat in office than actually being an effective tool for change while in office. That’s where I see Donald Trump different from the pack because he won’t remain in the politically correct box just to appease everyone not even his own party.  There is something oddly refreshing about that.  It maybe the very reason more and more are tuning in instead of tuning out.  Can the Democratic Party use a character like Donald Trump to expose those who are phonies with weak convictions?  Candidates can be thoughtful and diplomatic when they speak without it equating to pandering.  People are looking for authentic candidates, with a plan of action, and the ability to lead.



I’m sure this evening will be filled with unapologetic zingers until the media capture that perfect one to recycle to the public on a 24-48 hour loop. As your being entertain by the antics of the GOP Presidential Primary debate, just remember that these individuals actually want to be the President of the United States, and frightfully, one of them could be.  So what type of leader do you really want?


Does the Democratic Party need someone like a Donald Trump to shake up the party?

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T. Nicole Taylor
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