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Black Talk Radio 1230 The Buzz Eliminated for Gospel Format

imageOn December 3rd, 2015 the official news of 1230 The Buzz being changed to Praise 1230 was delivered by the popular remaining Talk Show personality Lincoln Ware.  Although, the changes happened immediately the day before at 4:00pm when many expected to hear Jerri Tolliver and one of the sistas of Sister Speak, and instead heard gospel music.  I, like many loyal listeners was disturbed by the abrupt changes and felt compelled to write the corporate offices of Radio One.

Here’s what I wrote.  I hope it inspires other loyal listeners to do the same.

Alfred Liggins III & Cathy Hughes email addresses: (;


December 4th, 2015

Alfred C. Liggins, III,
Chief Executive Officer, President and Treasurer
Radio One
1010 Wayne Ave., 14th Floor
Silver Spring, MD 20910

Dear Mr. Liggins,

My name is T. Nicole Taylor and I have been a loyal listener to WDBZ 1230 The Buzz for many years. I am greatly disturbed by the abrupt changes made to the radio station on December 3rd, 2015. The removal of beloved local talk show hosts: Jerri Toliver, Nathan Ivey, and Ken Anderson were a horrible and crude decision. Along with the idea that less talk and more Gospel was what the listening audience really wanted, I think was an assessment that was not well thought out. These individuals were not just general staff managing a radio station; they were friends of the community. Their activities on air and outside the station made “The Buzz” more than just entertainment; it was the “community station”. Your decision just knocked the wind out of Cincinnati and the effect has rippled to other states because their positive influence was growing nationwide.

The Buzz has made a positive impact in Cincinnati with the annual back to school drives, St. Jude Marathons, Thursday’s child (adoption), and Women’s Empowerment among many other informative and helpful activities. The day before this awful corporate decision, Ms. Tolliver was gearing up for their annual Christmas drive to donate presents for the less fortunate in our communities. These individuals did not just do a job, they worked with a purpose. It is shameful to treat good people who went above and beyond the call and dedicated their service to the community in the name of Radio One, as if they were just simple cuts to your bottom line. As a longtime member of the NAACP, and newly 3rd VP of the Cincinnati chapter, along with being a blogger for I will not support the new gospel format established.

Black talk radio is becoming extinct and your brash decision only further plays into the suppression of black people being informed and our voices being heard. Our communities face constant disparities and injustices and there are not many outlets that allow people to therapeutically vent their frustrations, organize calls to action, and get a different perspective other than the majority bias media. Talk radio has allowed people to become more informed, and others proactive. To continue to force feed our communities with all day everyday gospel in an already saturated market is highly questionable. We are going through serious times that require information and communication more than ever before. Radio One has committed a great disservice by discontinuing The Buzz on December 2nd, 2015.

I only hope that you and your Executive Team and Board of Directors strongly reconsider the current decision to change 1230 WDBZ the Buzz to Praise 1230. I only see it failing miserably, just as it did before.


T. Nicole Taylor
Cc: Cathy Hughes, Board of Directors, Kia Waller

T. Nicole Taylor
T. Nicole Taylor is an author, blogger, community activist, 9 to 5 worker and full-time mom who want to help other single mothers heal and protect their kids from the effects of abandonment from their father. She also wants to help more men who are dads to realize the importance of their roles. With a strong urge to not fear their own inadequacies, because there is long lasting value in their time and care. As a testament of her own battles of being abandoned by an absent father, T. Nicole discovers ways in which she believes can help reduce the effects of abandonment and also increase the need for accountability. T. Nicole’s writing is provocative, thought provoking, and sometimes controversial. She is a writer who is not afraid to touch on the tough topics. I Want My Daddy…The Psychology of Abandonment is her first solo eBook. She has also co-authored a seductive and funny eBook, Soulful Vagina, with an incredible writing genius FBK aka Franki Johnnie whose done an interview on the Tom Joyner Morning Show. The duo was also on the Lincoln Ware Show on 1230 WDBZ the Buzz. T. Nicole Taylor is a native of Cincinnati, Oh. She has three beautiful kids and a dog. She has studied at the University of Cincinnati College of Arts and Science and graduated with honors with both an Associates in Paralegal Studies and a Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies at Kaplan University.

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